Waarom nog schrijven? ChatGPT kan het nu al beter…

Onlangs heb ik het verhaal “Het circus van Dr. Cirrus” op deze blogsite gezet. Benieuwd als ik was of ChatGPT dit verhaal ook al op het wereldwijde web had opgemerkt, voerde ik maar eens de opdracht “describe the story het circus van dr. cirrus by christian deterink” in op de ChatGPT-site. En over het resultaat was ik wel verbaasd: ChatGPT verzint letterlijk een verhaaltje over ene Timmy (never heard of!) die kennis maakt met een circus en die daarna “embarks on a magical journey“. En het meest bizarre is: het klinkt niet eens slecht! Na de break het volledige antwoord van ChatGPT. De AI neemt de wereld over!

Het Circus van Dr. Cirrus

“Het Circus van Dr. Cirrus” is a children’s story written by Christian Deterink. The tale revolves around a peculiar circus owned and operated by Dr. Cirrus, a mysterious and eccentric character. The circus is not your typical spectacle; it is filled with enchanting wonders and magical creatures that captivate the audience’s imagination.

The story begins with a young boy named Timmy stumbling upon the circus while wandering through the woods. Intrigued by the colorful tents and lively music, Timmy decides to venture inside. Once there, he is greeted by Dr. Cirrus himself, a charismatic ringmaster with a twinkle in his eye.

As Timmy explores the circus grounds, he encounters a host of extraordinary sights and experiences. From acrobatic elephants to fire-breathing dragons, each act is more mesmerizing than the last. However, Timmy soon realizes that there is something special about Dr. Cirrus’ circus – it has the power to make dreams come true.

Throughout the story, Timmy embarks on a magical journey filled with adventure and self-discovery. Along the way, he forms unlikely friendships with the circus performers and learns valuable lessons about courage, kindness, and believing in oneself.

As the tale unfolds, Timmy discovers that Dr. Cirrus’ circus is not just a place of entertainment; it is a place where wishes are granted and dreams take flight. With the help of his newfound friends, Timmy learns to embrace his imagination and embrace the magic that surrounds him.

In the end, “Het Circus van Dr. Cirrus” is a heartwarming story about the power of imagination and the importance of following your dreams. Through its charming characters and enchanting setting, the story reminds readers of all ages that anything is possible if you dare to believe.